Eduardo & Mayra's Wedding
April 1st 2012 – Santiago Oak Regional Park Orange, CA
Reception at Crystal Hall

I've always had a clear vision of my dream wedding and being an Interior Designer and worked with wedding designers I thought I had everything under control. However, I never anticipated planning our wedding in less than three months, on a modest budget and with very little resources at our disposable.

My husband and I did all that we could, but it is due to Queenie's involvement that our wedding and reception ceremonies were such a success. Queenie is passionate, hard working, patient, and most importantly accommodating to our personal needs. She worked with us every step of the way to make sure that we stayed on schedule. We struggled with many obstacles throughout the wedding planning process but, Queenie made it all possible. She did a great job of communicating with vendors, working on small last minute details, and made sure the stress was taken off our shoulders, allowing us to actually enjoy our wedding day.

Many people think wedding planners are hired just to plan and organize a wedding but, that definition does not do Queenie justice. Her attention to detail and passion for what she does truly made our wedding day a memorable and beautiful experience. Words cannot express the gratitude my husband and I have for what she did on our wedding day. We are truly grateful to have had Queenie as our wedding planner and would recommend her services to couples who are looking to enjoy their wedding day without the stresses of managing the ceremony.
Thank You,

Eduardo and Mayra Garcia.

Trinh & Micheal Chang's Wedding
May 27th 2012 – Ceremony at Old Ranch Country Club, CA
Reception at Royal Restaurant and Banquet

We cant HIGHLY recommend Queenie and her Lifetime Creation staff enough. From start to finish, we seriously had no complaints. Queenie is a doll to work with and I have already been urging my engaged friends to try to book her for their weddings.

The truth is, weddings are with that should spend just a little more so that you are able to sit back and relax and enjoy that expensive day of yours! Let Queenie and her staff take the stress off your hands on that day as they plan out the day, communicate with one another on walkie-talkies and deal with the lost vendors, vendor questions, contracts and other normal wedding drama and hiccups so that you dont have to. We didnt have to stress on our wedding day at all, we remember dancing the night away as Queenie and her staff packed up all the reception stuff that she knew we wanted to keep and loaded it into a car of our choice and gave back the key and hugged us good night. Our wedding was PERFECT. Thank you Queenie =)

Trinh and Mikey.

Jen & Alex Kim's Wedding
May 12th 2012 – Community Presbyterian Church of La Mirada, CA

Queenie and her team at Lifetime Creation are amazing. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for someone who is passionate about all things wedding, hard-working, professional, and wants to ENJOY their wedding day instead of stressing about it!

I can say with complete honesty and with gratitude that I remember my wedding day quite well, and I had a fantastic time. I wasn't worried about anything- even when there were a few hitches due to small things I overlooked. Queenie and her team rolled with the punches- they smoothed it all out, and made sure that I was relaxed and happy. Even when the food came out late, she and her team helped out in the kitchen to make sure the food came out properly.

I am SO glad that I met Queenie. She is a fantastic wedding coordinator, as well as a wonderful person. I am recommending her to everyone I know

~ Jen Kim.

Jennie & Clarence Miu's Wedding
Feb 18th 2012 – Aboard the Athena yacht, Newport Beach, CA

We would like to thank Queenie for being our wedding planner and emcee. You gave us good guidance and helped make our special day go smooth as possible. We would definitely recommend you and your services to anyone that is planning their next wedding. You eliminate a lot of the planning headaches, nightmares and stress that is involved with organizing big events. You’re passion in creating beautiful weddings will definitely bring you success.

Jennie and Clarence.

Connie & Jacky Hu's Wedding
Nov 12th 2011 - The Altadena Town and Country Club

I would like to thanks Queenie for being our wedding planner. Without her, I don't think my big day will turn out as special as it is. Queenie is very detail oriented and patient. She always try to find out what I need, and works things out within my limited budget. Many people think that they do not have a budget to hire a wedding planner, but a good wedding planner like Queenie who actually help me saved money and time. She made many good suggestions on what would make you and your guests to have fun, to enjoy, to remember your wedding. Throughout the whole wedding planning process, she is always available for me, prompt response, and help me resolved all the problems. when I was dealing with other vendors such as photographers, videographer, Emcee, Florist, venue etc., she will always remind me about the detail and important questions to ask and she reviewed all contracts to ensure all charges are reasonable. She provided me with diff vendors to compare to fit my needs and gave me advise on what's good or not for our wedding. She really helped me relieve my stress, especially both me and my husband have a 9 to 5 day time job.

A week before my wedding, I lost track of everything, there are so many emergency, and last min stuff to take care, lucky Queenie was there to help me .

I had a fantastic wedding according to my friends and family. My father's even put Queenie in his thank you speech. That's how Good Queenie is. Participate in helping me and my family on this special day! On my wedding day ,guests were out of control, but at the end Queenie still able to handle and resolve any kind of emergency, make things flow within a short period of time. 90% of my guests were drunk at the end, but none of them or us need to go back to the venue and pick out their stuff the next day, coz Queenie make sure everything was emptied out and each thing goes to the right person !! thanks again Queenie, you are the best and u are very good at what are doing.

Connie Hu.

Megan & Jarlath Ryan's Wedding
Oct 8th 2011 – The Shakespeare Club

Queenie is one of the most hard working person I know. I met Queenie 3 weeks before my wedding. I tried holding off on hiring a wedding planner/coordinator to save on my wedding costs, but finally relented when I realized that I couldn't put everything together and keep my sanity at the same time. While I had all of the major items done (venue, vendors, dress, ect.) there were so many little pieces and details to my wedding I didn't know what to do with. That's when Queenie came into the picture.

I felt very comfortable with her from our initial meeting. She was attentive and listened to what I envisioned for my dream wedding but was also assertive in telling me things that I should and should not do. For a first time bride, that was priceless. I was completely lost. She went above and beyond her call of duty. Queenie worked wonderfully with my vendors and took all vendor contacts under control, something I frankly could not have done the weeks leading up to my wedding. She coordinated with my vendors, gave them timelines, confirmed and re-confirmed their arrival time. She is patient and super responsive to all of my many questions.

I loved my wedding. Sure, there were a few kinks here and there, but all in all, it came out great. I basically left everything to Queenie on the day of my wedding and told her not to tell me anything that goes wrong, and she didn't, not even when the cops came the FIRST time!! According to my sister, Queenie handled the matter with the cops without raising any alarms to the guests. Now, that's a GREAT coordinator. My wedding was stress free, and I was able to actually enjoy my wedding, something that most brides complain they didn't have a chance to do. Queenie also made sure that I was able to taste all 10 courses of my Chinese banquet meal. Most bride complain that they were starved by the end of their wedding. Not I! I was nice and full thanks to Queenie instructing the servers to bring me food.

My husband and I both agree without a doubt that Queenie was the best money we spent on our wedding. Thank you Queenie for an unforgettable wedding!! :)

Megan and Jarlath

Katherine & Danny Guo's Wedding
June 18th 2011@ Orange Hill restaurant

"Queenie was the emcee for my wedding reception when I got married in June 2011. From beginning to end, she was very involved in helping me schedule events and plan things down to the smallest detail. She is fun, friendly, and great to work with because of her professionalism. Thanks, Queenie, for ensuring that everything went smoothly, and for creating such a fun and relaxing atmosphere at our wedding. It wouldn't have been the same without you!" ~ Katherine

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